Courses Offered

  • Business/Commerce education as it is positioned today internationally manifests itself in various forms ranging from general studies to functional specializations. Training in such a broad canvas involves academic rigor, astute sensitivity to the contemporary events and the acumen of local relevance and global worth to transcend space and time barriers. All these call for continuous quality and meaningful inputs.

    This specialization has an underpinning of valuable blend of theory and practice, allowing you to gain in-depth knowledge in Computer Application and equip you to be an effective financial decision maker with IT flavour, even if you are not from a specialist IT background. The focus will be to develop the required skills to understand, analyze, critically evaluate and interpret financial statements for decision making either for entry level manager’s or one with experience. You and your batch may choose a range of courses that are offered, that will make you as an full-fledged specialist in finance.
    The course is in built with MS Office, Web Programming, Programming with C, etc.,
    Career opportunities A B.Com (CA) is most sought after by Industry because of you are able to think logically and quantitatively. Many of our graduates are working for many leading corporate houses and MNC’s like Goldman sacs, Royal Bank of Scotland, Ernst & Young, BNP Paribas, ICICI securities, Thomson Reuters, KPMG and many more.

Bachelor of Commerce/Business Administration are a most sought after programs by our clientele of diverse base, which is designed to give you the needed hands on business learning, through comprehensive Industry curriculum benchmarked with International standards, coupled with State of the art infrastructure with high end teacher quality, which will eventually make you a leader of the nation, imbibed with values and ethics that makes you socially responsible PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNTING

  • Professional Accounting specifically addresses the needs of those who are aspiring to qualify as an Chartered Accountant/ACCA/Cost and Management Accountant. You will identify, formulate and solve business problems employing appropriate methodologies, qualitative and quantitative skills, and involving the creation and assessment of management needs. This programme is highly industry-focused so you will be learning from industry experts who have themselves passed the such Professional Exams and using modern accounting and management techniques that are used in industry. This is a challenging course and, in order to reach the standard demanded by the ICAI India or US CMA/ ACCA UK, students are expected to be very focussed on their studies both in class and in your personal study time. However, Department of Commerce will support you both academically and professionally to achieve your potential. By the time you graduate, you will have enhanced your professional abilities and developed your skills in critical thinking and analysis so you are ready to sit your CA/CMA/ACCA professional papers.
    Modules: • Preparation of Financial Statements
    • Role of IFRS/Ind AS
    • Bookkeeping Services
    • Income Taxation & filing of returns/GST
    • Cash Flow Forecasting
    • Cost and Management Accounting
    • Audit and Assurance
    Career opportunities
    Upon graduation, you will be finding yourself fit to join as Financial accountant, accounts manager, Budget analyst, Internal Auditor etc., in MNC’s and Big Four’s

    The core course work of Department of Commerce/Business Administration is designed in such a way that it consists of careful selection from clusters of Commerce subject areas, Integrative courses and Specializations and it is more of gradual maturation with minimal inputs in the first year, followed by a more rigorous training in the second & third year aiming to develop the ability of the students to synthesize a complex situation with a multidimensional approach. The learning process also includes an option for self-study courses which are introduced in an attempt to build an independent capacity in you.

    The Curriculum requires continuous and active interaction with Industry. Towards this end, On the Spot Market Survey, Corporate Mentoring, Summer Internship Hi – end Industry endorsed short courses are infused at a higher level. The expertise of Senior Officials from Industry/ Adjunct Professors from India and Abroad are utilized from time to time, so as to bring the realities of work situation and practices into the learning process.

    Corporate Mentoring a unique on – site exposure initiative, designed and developed with a sole objective to relate and apply classroom instruction to the company’s activities, policies and operations. Under this, if you a have a CGPA of 7.5 or above you will be asked to choose a Senior Official of your choice in a reputed company and you will spend a week with the chosen official, where you observe the leadership traits of the official and able to establish a connect between different functional domains. A faculty mentor will be assigned to you who will help you in constructing data base.

    Finally, the internship provides enough space for you to get the experiential and hands on learning. Primary and Secondary research will need to be conducted with help of a faculty guide which ultimately culminates and evaluated through a viva voce.